A return to the natural world

From the rich red dunes of the high Kalahari blooms a revered herbal tea rich in antioxidants — and the beginnings of a modern cocktail for the mindful among us.

We source rooibos—or red bush—from the dense rugged landscape of the high Kalahari. Found nowhere else on earth, rooibos is a true expression of the land. Revered by the Khoisan for centuries, its’ high antioxidants have been known to combat inflammation, promote hearth health, and protect skin. Rooibos, with its’ rich amber hues and delicate aromas transport you to very heart of this wild and untamed landscape.

We draw on a deep understanding of the elements — the powerful role they play in flavor — and a desire to build beautiful products in harmony with nature.
Origin Story

We go to the ends of the earth to uncover flavors and aromas that refresh and rejuvenate.

We combine botanical ingredients from across the globe with rich rooibos tea and pure organic vodka to craft an unparalleled cocktail, with wellness in mind.

Low Calorie
Real Fruit
Low Proof
Pure Botanicals
Low Sugar

Origin Story

Red Saint is a cocktail. But it’s more than that, too. It’s a philosophy that champions connection— a quest for intimacy —encompassing the intricate interplay between man and earth. If you’re here, its because you see it too: the inextricable link between land and people, pleasure and beauty, intention and well being.

It's a journey of discovery, a pursuit to unlock the secrets of the land and bring them to life in the glass. For us, this is more than a product, its’ way of life; a passion that drives us to explore the natural world as a point of connection, and ultimately share that beauty with others. 

Gianni & Patrick Ottone, Founders