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(on its worst behavior)

Red Saint poetically pairs the darling, refreshing taste of luxury teas and real fruits with something deliciously devious.

The antithesis of hard-seltzer.

Brewed from rare teas, real botanicals and fruit, Red Saint is everything seltzer should be and nothing it actually is.
5% Alcohol
110 calories
lightly sparkling
no added sugar

Original Blend

Light, alluring, one of a kind
Rich aromas of sarsaparilla and vanilla, for a smooth, light and darling refreshment.

Strawberry Basil

Juicy, refreshing, indulgent
Indulgent, evoking flavors and aromas reminiscent of a lush hedonistic summer garden.

Peach Ginger

Aromatic, zesty, nostalgic
Expressively aromatic, with nostalgic aromas of ripe summer peach and wild honeysuckle.
A sommelier goes rogue.
Red Saint was crafted by a sommelier fed up with cheap watered down seltzers, sugary premade cocktails, and terribly artificial canned wines.

So, he took to the hills of Southern Africa, where rare teas like Rooibos and Honeybush flourish, pairing them with real botanicals like rose, basil, and vanilla to craft a truly riveting taste that drinks like teatime on its worst behavior.
“I’d be happy as hell if you stayed for tea.”
~ Bon Iver ~